Microwave&RF PCB

High Frequency Laminates Microwave / RF PCB Layout

Microwave / RF PCB Board Capability

Optional high frequency material:Rogers,Taconic,Arlon,Nelco,F4b

Microwave / RF PCB general information:

Microwaves are electromagnetic spectrum allocations by definition it refers to the wavelength range from 1m to 0.1mm electromagnetic waves, the corresponding frequencies from 0.3GHz to 3000GHz. This electromagnetic spectrum includes decimeter (frequency from 0.3GHz to 3GHz) \ centimeter wave (frequency from 3GHz to 30GHz) \ millimeter wave (frequency from 30GHz to 300GHz) and sub-millimeter wave (frequency from 300GHz to 3000GHz, some literature This paragraph does not contain the definition of microwave) four bands (including caps, excluding the lower limit). Like having light resistance, like the sound of nature, penetrating, non-ionizing, informative five characteristics.

RF pcb(radio frequency pcb):

RF electromagnetic wave is defined by the application division, specifically refers to electromagnetic waves with a certain wavelength can be used for radio communication. Frequency range defined confusing, information has 30MHz to 3GHz, there 300MHz to 40GHz, and microwave overlap; Another kind is by definition spectrum allocation refers to the wavelength of electromagnetic waves within 1m range from 1 trillion m to its corresponding frequency from 30Hz to 300MHz; radio frequency (RF) and microwave frequency boundaries rather vague, and with advances in device technology and design methods which had been changed.

RF PCB and Features

PCB design considering the particularity of the main circuit model considering the PCB transmission line. Since the transmission line using the line lumped parameter circuit model and distributed parameter circuit model can be considered l / λ≥0.05 (where, l is the geometrical length; λ is the operating wavelength). Defined in this specification refers to the transmission line structure RF link distributed parameter model using an analog signal circuits. PCB line length rarely more than 50cm, it is considered the lowest frequency of 30MHz analog signal can be; As more than 3G is generally considered to be pure microwave, consider this far down; consider the production process element spacing up to 0.5mm, can also be considered given the highest frequency at 30GHz, the feeling of little significance.

In summary, we can consider RF PCB PCB can be defined as the frequency range of 30MHz to 6GHz analog signal having, but the specific use or distribution of lumped parameter model can be determined according to the formula.

RF board stands for radio frequency printed circuit boards. The frequency for RF board is normally between 300MHz ~ 3GHz, or much bigger, so normally FR4 board cannot meet the requirements, so we need to use special material to achieve the high frequency and we named this kind of boards as RF boards. RF board is excellent in high frequency performance due to its low dielectric tolerance and loss of material.

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