Antenna PCB

Taconic RF60A laminates HF 2 Layer Antenna PCB Maker

Antenna PCB sample quick detail:

Material: Taconic RF60A
Layer: 2
Surface finish: ENIG
Size: 19*20cm
Copper weight:1OZ

Board thickness:0.8MM


Min line: 5mil

Min hole:0.3MM

Antenna pcb knowledge:
Antenna PCB means that will receive or transmit radio signals through an antenna CCL etching process in the production of the antenna circuit board, this antenna is integrated with associated electronic components together, and in the form of modules used, the advantage high integration, the volume can be compressed to reduce the cost, the drawback is the low sensitivity of the communication distance is limited, but in the short distance between the remote and communications aspects still widely used.
Copper-clad plate antenna is according to actual size to calculate parameter,if with tin,cross-sectional area and parameter will change
Tin on foil is for increase thickness(decrease resistance increase carrier),anti-copper oxide,or omit the solder resist
GHZ or more radio frequency antenna(this refers to simple antenna) require a high frequency substrate,accurate size,so usually rarely copper solder mask,besides precise size,foil itself less requirements, it have gold plated,silver plated,HASL,so no need to make tin otherwise.

Antenna pcb including:
GSM 3G antenna PCB, quad band antenna PCB, multil band antenna PCB,WIFI antenna pcb
Satellite antenna pcb,Car antenna pcb,GPS antenna pcb,GSM antenna pcb,Radar antenna pcb,FM/AM antenna pcb,2.4GHZ antenna pcb

What is PCB Antenna:

The PCB antenna is the antenna to receive or send wireless signals through the CCL etching process produced in the circuit board antenna, the antenna is associated with the relevant electronic components integrated together, and the form of the module used, the advantage is High integration, can reduce the volume of the cost of compression, the disadvantage  is the limited sensitivity of the communication distance is low, but have a wide range of applications in the short-range remote control and communications.

The wave line below the picture is antenna part:

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