PCB Fabrication Definition:

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication is the assembly method for circuit boards used in electronic and computer devices. The layers of the board are put together along with the specific surface pattern so it can be used in electronics manufacturing.

How has PCB fabrication traditionally been accomplished?
The old fashioned manufacturing model was built to support the production of massive quantities of parts and products. Under the traditional model, design specifications and bills of materials are sent to the vendor’s sales representative who reviews them and provides a quote, a process that can take days or weeks. Because the entire approach is built on the economies of scale, only large orders make financial sense for the vendor. The manufacturing almost always takes place overseas, and shipping or other production delays are common.

Often firms that fabricate PCBs also make related products for their customers. Manufacturers of electronic goods can either fabricate in-house or contract this operation out to third party specialists. So many companies operate in this grey area and Oneseine Technology can assist with a broader range of services if required.

Welcome to printed circuit board fabrication manufacturer:

ONESEINE was founded in Y2013, a  professional PCB manufacturer.

ONESEINE is with  great  reputation, specialize in PCB (up to 24 layers).

Our partner include Intel, Dell, BMW, Haier, Gree,Sumitomo, Nidec, and Lenovo Etc.

We are not  lowest one  in  price, but the quality first with reasonable price.

Mass production,small serial production and prototype are authoried SGS,TS, RoHS and UL.

Number of Workers: 356 Persons

Area Coverage: 750000 Square Meters(Jiangxi and Shenzhen)

Month prodction: 12000 Square Meters

Number of Machines: 323 Sets

Number of Engineers: 37 Persons

Lab Area coverage: 5000 Square

Number of Cooperative  Countries: 39 Counties

Printed circuit boards fabrication including:


Multilayer pcb fabrication

Single sided pcb fabrication

Double sided pcb fabrication

Fr4 pcb fabrication

Metal core pcb fabrication

HDI pcb fabrication

Rogers pcb fabrication

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