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ONESEINE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a branch company of ONE PCB Group Corporation Limited,is a leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards,which is specialised in producing High frequency PCB,Multilayer PCB,Fr4 PCB,Rigid-flexible PCB,was founded in 2013.

Our service including quick turn prototype,1-24 layers pcb production,rogers+fr4 mix stack up fabrication,taconic teflon ptfe PCB manufacture Etc.Our company's sufficient stocks of pcb materials such as Rogers,TACONIC,Arlon,Isola,F4B,TP-2,FR-4 (dielectric rage:2.2-16)

ONESEINE have 2 factories,One located in Junfeng industrial park,Shenzhen, another in  Jiangxi province. Most of high frequency and multilayer PCB business in shenzhen, and fr4 PCB business in JiangXi.Our main customer come from all over the world, such as Ireland,Ukraine,Brazil,Spain,American,Australia,England,Italy Etc.we emphasize the significance of traning program for every staff in the company even grass-roots employees which becomes the most competitive  factors to surpass others,our company have many experienced and professional teams from  management to production line,30% are highly educated among the total amount of employees,advanced engineers and enior technicians are up to 80 people.

we are committed to improving our product quality constantly. Our operation is ISO 9001:2008-certified, and our products are CE- and RoHS-marked. Moreover, we are in the process of applying for the QS9000, SA8000 certifications.

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