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Reality Engine at the IBC Show 2022

Reality Engine® uses Unreal Engine by Epic Games, the most photo-realistic real-time game engine, as the 3D renderer. With the advanced real-time visual effects capabilities, Reality System ensures the most photo-realistic composite output possible.

Tracking Technology and Lens Calibration
Reality Engine®, the broadcast compositing system supports industry standard mechanical and optical camera tracking systems. Reality can use the lens calibration data sent by the tracking devices

Talent Tracking
When the talent tracking data acquired by Reality Engine®, the engine positions the talent inside the virtual world in the correct position and depth. This technology automatically enables the creation of accurate reflections and refractions of the talent. Interaction between the real and physical is achieved with utmost realism thanks to Reality Engine’s industry first and only feature of compositing in 3D space. All process happens in one single machine.

ONESEINE is a professional HF  HDI Multilayer PCB manufacture,we cooperate with many broadcast innovations company

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