TOP10 PCB Manufacturers In The World

TOP10 PCB manufacturers In The World


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ONESEINE PCB is one of the leading PCB manufacturers – and the reasons for that are obvious.


Not all the PCB designers out there will be willing to offer you full and in-house services. But, oneseine PCB does that, and that’s why they are outstanding.


From prototyping to full circuit board assembly, this PCB manufacturer is always ready to serve you.


And if you need to customize your circuit board, rest assured that ONE PCB will handle it – and excellently too!


ONE PCB is also open to helping you with:



Quick-turn PCB prototype

Short-run assembly

Low-volume PCB Manufacture

High-quality PCB fabrication with IPC III

Heavy copper PCB manufacturing

Multilayer PCB Manufacture

PCB testing


ONE PCB Capabilities

Before you look for a PCB manufacturer to design your board, one of the first things you must do is to run a background check on the manufacturer.


When doing that, focus on the capabilities of the PCB manufacturer to design the type of circuit board you want.


ONESEINE PCB fits into the description of your ideal PCB manufacturer because the company has 89% of what it takes to satisfy your PCB needs.



2, Zhen Ding Tech


If there is any PCB manufacturer that is popular for the excellent work they put in, it has to be Zhen Ding Tech.


This circuit board manufacturer believes that the future can be unlocked more only if there were enough materials to facilitate the designing of circuit boards.


Over the last couple of years, Zhen Ding Tech has been in the news as one of the circuit board manufacturers that combine the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G Technology, the Internet of Vehicles, and Artificial Intelligence to provide multiple customized solutions.


Zhen Ding Tech simplifies the circuit board manufacturing process by breaking down all the important aspects.


First, the circuit boards will be designed. Second, further Researches and Development (R&Ds) will be conducted before the circuit boards would be manufactured.


When the printed circuit boards (PCBs) are ready, it would then be time to market and sell them, either to the consumers that ordered for it or to electronic companies.


Products and Services

The Zhending Group is also living up to the expectations of being one of the top PCB manufacturers via the range of products and services they offer.


With the emphasis on efficiency and innovation, the manufacturer does an excellent job of designing a wide range of printed circuit boards (PCBs).


Their list of circuit board products include:


Rigid printed circuit board

Modular products module

IC board carrier

High-Density Connection Board (HDI)

The chip on film memory

Soft and hardboard

Areas of PCB Applications

Another factor you want to consider before hiring a PCB manufacturer is the coverage or the extent of their circuit board designing process.


The Zhending Group helps you a great deal by designing circuit boards that can be applied in a wide range of use cases.


The popular applications and use cases of their printed circuit boards are:


Wearable devices



Cell phones

One major factor why this PCB manufacturer is ahead of some others is because of the advanced technology it uses to thin, automate and manufacture products that would be used in different applications.


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3, Unimicron

Unimicron calls itself the World Leading PCB Company. We couldn’t agree otherwise, because this PCB manufacturer has consistently proven to be worthy of its claimed slogan.


The commitment of this circuit board designer is second to none. They care about the quality of your circuit boards, with additional concentration on making the PCB manufacturing process faster.


For a PCB manufacturer like this one, it is no longer business as usual. No longer time to wait and no more spending more money than you budgeted.


Instead, you can now seize the opportunity they present to get your custom circuit boards designed in real-time. You also will like the premium this PCB manufacturer places on helping you meet your customers’ needs at all times.


printed circuit boards (PCBs) are not the only products manufactured by Unimicron. This designer has a whole lot of other innovative products that you will like.


Some of their additional products are:


TP & ECRM, such as EC Mirror and Glass Type.

IC Carrier, including FCCSP, Memory Module, CSP and FCBGA

Connectors, such as X-Beam and PCBeam

Unimicron is also ready to design the type of circuit board you would need to improve on the functionalities of your electronic devices.


To that end, this PCB manufacturer offers a wide range of choices to select from, as far as mass produce pcb designs are concerned. Some of the PCB type they design include:




Rigid-Flex circuit boards

High-Density Interconnector circuit boards

You rest assured that no matter the type of circuit board designs you want, Unimicron would go the extra mile to deliver excellently on the job.


That is in addition to the manufacturer’s speed and accuracy that play a vital role in the production of durable Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).



printed circuit boards (PCBs) are needed in different sectors of the economy. From industries to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the demands for circuit boards keep increasing.


Not all PCB manufacturers know about some of the other avenues to diversify and be relevant in the PCB industry.


But DSBJ knows how – and that is why it is one of the best PCB manufacturers you can find out there.


The history of this specialize pcb company dates back to 1980 when it kicked off as a small sheet metal and stamping factory.


Eight (8) years later, the Suzhou Dong Shan Ban Jin (Sheet Metal) Working Liability Company was established. It was from this point that the name DBSJ came to be known in the global PCB industry after it was carved out from the initial letters of the company.


Over the last 32 years, this PCB manufacturer has continually evolved, bringing in innovations and ideas to improve on how they design, prototype, and manufacture circuit boards.


The manufacturer also went on to forge meaningful collaborations, while acquiring some companies and franchises that helped in the expansion of their PCB manufacturing services to other parts of the world.


For example, the manufacturer acquired Mflex (FPC and Assembly) in 2016. After the acquisition, the manufacturer kicked off operations in Dallas with the establishment of DSBJ Solutions Inc. (Dallas).


A year later, in 2017, the DSBJ Industrial Park was opened in Yancheng, and production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) commenced in earnest.


Then, in 2018, DSBJ made one of its best acquisitions by acquiring Multek. This acquisition greatly helped in the expansion of the manufacturer’s PCB services to other parts of the world.


DSBJ PCB Capabilities

Currently, DSBJ handles a wide range of printed circuit board (PCB) productions, such as Rigid PCBs and Flexible PCBs.


Aside from those popular ones, the company also produces Rigid-Flex circuit boards, which are the best type of PCBs for portable devices. If you are ordering for your Rigid-Flex PCB from them, you will have access to the following additional services:


Air gap construction

Intermediate component density designs via the micro via interconnect processing and conventional plated through-hole.

Cover lays


Cost-effective Standard Rigid-Flex PCB production and

Low-cost FPC systems

DSBJ also offers extensive and full Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly services via their PCB solution specialist – Multek.


Some of the full PCB assembly services they offer here are:


Final box build

Backend full circuit board assembly services

PCBA/FPCA circuit board services



Kinwong is one of the PCB manufacturers that work hand-in-hand with the muti-pcb consumers until all their needs are met.


We are sure that this is what you have been looking for because when you have the attention of your circuit board designer, the entire job becomes easier.


You can trust Kinwong to do an excellent job for your circuit board design because this manufacturer is committed to providing you (and all its customers) with efficient service and high-quality PCBs.


With that being said – here are some of the major areas that Kinwong is interested to manufacture circuit boards for you:




Telecommunication has grown from 2G to 3G. We have also seen the fourth stage of technological (4G) innovation. Now is the time to harness the opportunities in the fifth generation of technological advancements.


Kinwong is happy to be a part of these innovations, just as it is committed to contributing its quota towards the rapid development of the telecommunication industry.


Industrial & Medical

The medical and healthcare industry is another focus area of the circuit board services provided by Kinwong.


In this case, this PCB manufacturer is playing an important role by providing some of the best electronic components needed for the production of modern medical devices.


Consumer Electronics


The designing and production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) also extend to consumer electronics. This is, of course, one of the most used and most applicable cases for circuit boards.


All over the world, many electronic device users are enjoying the efficiency of circuit boards via the devices they use.


Kinwong is happy to be a part of that customer satisfaction by designing and manufacturing circuit boards that make consumer electronics become:



Thinner and


You want to hire the printed circuit board (PCB) design services offered by Kinwong because this manufacturer promises quality assurance.


This PCB manufacturer also has the enterprise architecture and engineering mastery to design both conventional and modern printed circuit boards.


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6. Shennan Circuits


Shennan Circuits

Shennan Circuits is not your regular kind of PCB manufacture that just takes orders for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and manufactures the same.


Instead, this circuit board designer has continually evolved and brought in new trends into its circuit board design capabilities.


Founded in 1984, Shennan Circuits has in the last 3 decades extended its services to four locations in China and established subsidiaries in North America. This PCB manufacturer has also cited Research and Development (R&D) sites in Europe, as part of their commitment to being a step ahead in the PCB manufacturing industry.


In line with the commitment to be a “world-class provider of electronic circuits technology and solutions,” this PCB manufacturer has done well. Some of its approaches to that end include:


Forming a 3-in-1 circuit board design process that includes electronics assembly, printed circuit board (PCB) design, and substrate packaging.

Establishing full circuit board value chain, including micro-assembly of circuit boards, scheme design, electronics assembly, circuit board testing, and printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing.

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circuit board manufacturing

7. Tripod Technology

Tripod Technology is another Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturer that is reputed for the excellent inputs made towards the development of circuit boards.


This PCB manufacturer takes pride in the world-class processes it uses to manufacture a wide range of circuit boards.


Despite being in the business of specialize pcb design for many years, Tripod Technology keeps making new waves because of its unique business model.


The manufacture owes its sustainability to its environmental protection strategies that ensure that the environment is not anyway compromised by the circuit board manufacturing process they use.


Worthy of note also is that this PCB manufacture goes the extra mile to engage in Research and Development (R&D) as part of the strategies to pushing its global circuit board manufacturing process to the next level.


8. Suntak PCB

You will be lucky to find a PCB manufacturer that is committed to the success of your electronic products. Suntak PCB is one of such manufacturers.


Founded in 1995, this manufacturer has a printed circuit board (PCB) factory that is situated on a large expanse of land, measuring up to 3 million meter square.


With over 4,500 employees, you rest assured that your circuit board designs will be handled with the utmost precision and care that it deserves.


Also, Suntak PCB is popular for its mantra and commitment to providing high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) to its consumers.


The major beneficiaries of this manufacturer’s generous PCB manufacturing capabilities are:


The information industry and

Electronics manufacturers

Products and Technology

Suntak PCB also designs, tests, and manufactures circuit boards for different industries and applications.


Some of the applications of their circuit boards are:


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Industrial Control

printed circuit boards (PCBs) can also be used to facilitate the advancement of different industries.


It is evident in the Industrial Control application of circuit boards designed by Suntak PCB. These circuit boards would be used to aid intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots, as well as set the ground for the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0).



From 2G to 4G and now talks of 5G – the global communications industry has undergone many improvements.


Suntak PCB seizes that opportunity to design circuit boards that would be applied to:


Radio frequency microwave

High speed and large capacity

Integrated miniaturization and

High heat dissipation


The printed circuit boards (PCBs) manufactured by Suntak PCB are also usable in the medical industry, where they are used to aid:



Intelligent medical devices and

Personal portable healthcare

Automotive Electronics

Last but not least – Suntak PCB manufactures circuit boards that are used for aiding the work of smart devices and electronics on automobiles.


Some of the applications are:



Intelligence and

Electrification of automobiles

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9. China Fast Print

China Fast Print is a PCB manufacturer that is devoted to technology innovation. It believes that more opportunities are available in the printed circuit board (PCB) industry, only if the right technology is used.


Hence, the devotion/commitment to technological innovation is a step in the direction of using the latest disruptive technology to provide world-class one-stop hardware for circuit board production.


Since 1999, this PCB manufacturer has played major roles towards the advancement of the Chinese circuit board industry, including the establishment of 2 manufacturing campuses in Yixing and Guangzhou.


Also, China Fast Print has its core value as ensuring that the circuit board needs of the customers are met at all times.


As a testament to the unique circuit board manufacturing process that it delivers, China Fast Print has worked with over 4,000 manufacturing, Research and Development (R&D), and service enterprises in different parts of the world.


Those collaborations led to the development of robust circuit boards that are used in different industries, including:


Automotive electronics



Rail transit

Industrial control

Computers and peripherals and

Medical electronics

With its footprints in the China PCB market, China Fast Print soon extended its services to over countries throughout the world.


Now, the manufacturer has over 30 customer service centers both in China and other countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America.


10. Gultech

Gultechtakes pride in the fact that the company focuses on unraveling some of the challenges peculiar to PCB consumers.


As a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer that has been in the business for a long time, Gultech understands that customer satisfaction is one of the things to look for when offering a product or service.


As a one-stop solution provider for different kinds of PCB needs, this circuit board manufacturer is reliable. You don’t have to keep looking for the best and matching circuit board components. You also don’t have to pay more than you budgeted.


Instead, you rest assured that the one-stop and in-house circuit board manufacturing solutions provided by Gultech are what you need.


Worthy of mention too is that Gultech has its eyes on the future, in that the manufacturer continually flows with the latest developmental trends in the circuit board industry.


The impact of making such daring moves is that Gultech would find the best ways to meet the needs of the PCB consumers while keeping an eye on future developments.


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Application Fields for Gultech PCBs

The printed circuit board (PCB) industry is broad. As such, you can consume as many products manufactured with circuit boards.


In the same vein, you want to entrust your printed circuit board (PCB) designs to a manufacturer that has proven to be efficient to that end.


That brings us to the different application fields of the range of circuit boards manufactured by Gultech.


Their circuit boards are usable in the following industries:


Computers and Peripherals

It is no news that computers, just like other electronics, uses printed circuit boards uses circuit boards to join the components together.


What is now the news is that Gultech is ready to make the experience of using computers and peripherals more fun.


That is because of the variety of circuit board designs for:


Wireless Local Network (WLAN)

Disk drives and

Network routers


Telecommunication devices, such as smartphones and smart devices often rely on the interconnection of electronic components on the circuit board.


Gultech will help you design your circuit boards for telecommunication gadgets, such as:


Mobile radio

Mobile phones/smartphones

Cordless/wireless phones


Your car needs to function well. Using the right type of printed circuit board (PCB) can do that magic.


And Gultech is the best PCB manufacturer you want to hire to do the job for you.


The manufacturer specializes in the following areas of automotive PCB design:


Anti-lock braking

Electronic engine control

Driver assistance system

Power control module and

Speed control

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Consumer Electronics

Last but not least – Gultech manufactures circuit boards that are used in your regular consumer electronics.


The manufacturer designs, tests and manufactures printed circuit boards (PCBs) for use in the following consumer electronics:


DVD players

Digital cameras and

LCD monitors

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