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What are the classifications of PCB boards?

What are the classifications of PCB boards?


The full name of the PCB board is a printed circuit board, and its main feature is that the insulating board is used as a base material, and a conductive pattern and a cloth channel are attached thereto. The interconnection between various electrical components can be accomplished through the PCB board, and thus it is one of the main components of various electronic products. At present, PCB board products produced by pcb board processing manufacturers can be sold to computer production, electronic communication equipment production, military weapons equipment production and other enterprises. So, what are the classifications of PCB boards? Xiaobian shares as follows:


What are the classifications of PCB boards?


1,Single layer PCB


A PCB with a circuit layer of one layer is a basic type, the main feature is that only the electrical components are concentrated on one side, and the other side only has various wires. Since the wire is only on one side of it, the name of the single-sided PCB board is obtained. Single-sided printed circuit boards require a concentrated set of conductors, so there are too many limiting factors to be considered in the actual design process. Due to the production limitations of single-panel, the production scale of single-sided PCB boards is gradually shrinking.


2. Double layer PCB


The printed circuit board has the distribution of the wires on both the front and back sides, and at the same time, the correct circuit connection can be established for the two-sided wires, and the guide holes are arranged on the double-sided PCB board, and the connection of the wires is through the metal holes. Not affected. The advantage of the double-sided printed circuit board is that it has a large board surface area and is more suitable for use in circuits of complex electronic equipment.


3. Multilayer PCB board


The design concept of a multilayer printed circuit board is derived from increasing the wiring area as much as possible. The multi-layer PCB board integrates single-sided and double-sided PCB boards in different arrangement combinations. For example, two single-sided PCB boards and two double-sided PCB boards are respectively used as the inner and outer layers of the multi-layer board, and then the two are tightly bonded by some specific insulating bonding materials to form a set of four layers. PCB board. Typically, the number of layers of a multilayer printed circuit board is even.


Generally speaking, the PCB board is mainly divided into three types: single panel, double panel, and multilayer panel. These three pcb board offers are getting higher and higher, but the overall performance is getting better and better. In addition, the PCB board can also be divided into a rigid board and a flexible board according to the manufacturing materials. Regardless of how the printed circuit boards are classified, people still have to choose from the starting point of use.

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