• Multilayer 4OZ Copper Base PCB Board Manufacturer
Multilayer 4OZ Copper Base PCB Board Manufacturer

Multilayer 4OZ Copper Base PCB Board Manufacturer

  • 1.0MM withstand voltage
  • 4OZ
  • 2.0w/m.k
  • White oil surface treatment
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Multilayer 4OZ Copper Base PCB Board Manufacturer


Board  thickness

1.0MM withstand voltage


Production Process

Thermoelectric separation process copper foil thickness


Quality certification

ULE354470/ISO/SGS Thermal Conductivity


Solder mask type

White oil surface treatment

Shen Jin

E-T test

100% computer open short circuit test

Sample: 3-5 days Batch: 5-7 days

Generally, there are a gold-plated copper substrate, a silver-plated copper substrate, a tin-plated copper substrate, an anti-oxidation copper substrate, and the like.

Copper base substrate

Copper substrate

The copper substrate circuit layer is required to have a large current carrying capacity, so a thick copper foil should be used, and the thickness is generally 35 μm to 280 μm; the thermal conductive insulating layer is the core technology of the copper substrate, and the core thermal conductive component is aluminum oxide and silicon powder. It consists of a polymer filled with epoxy resin, low thermal resistance (0.15), excellent viscoelasticity, resistance to heat aging, and ability to withstand mechanical and thermal stresses. The copper substrate metal base layer is a supporting member of the copper substrate, and is required to have high thermal conductivity, generally a copper plate, or a copper plate (in which the copper plate can provide better thermal conductivity), which is suitable for conventional machining such as drilling, punching and cutting.

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