Automatic testing of printed circuit boards

There are many kinds of PCB boards used in the field of automatic testing of printed circuit boards.


 The PCB circuit board learned that the relevant application software is established on the PCB board machine, and the idea of using a virtual instrument is adopted, that is, the various functions of the traditional instrument are realized through software, including oscilloscopes, signal generators, and various mathematical processing of collected data. During the test, digital signals are given by the test software.


    The PCB board test system will have a new design idea. The design idea of the automatic test system and virtual instrument based on USB bus will be used to fully play the role of the computer. The computer will replace the traditional instrument idea as much as possible, thereby reducing the instrument. Its volume reduces development costs and improves development efficiency.


    After D / A conversion, the analog stimulus signals required for the test are applied to the test system, and then sent by the test circuit to the switch matrix through the test bus. The switch matrix is connected to the switch matrix and is turned on and off by the microprocessor The test PCB is fixed on the needle bed, and the excitation signal is applied to the corresponding position on the printed circuit board. The response is measured by the test circuit, and the collected analog quantity is sent to the core control. After A / D conversion, the corresponding The digital quantity is fed back by the software on the PCB machine and processed by the PCB machine to determine whether the PCB board is qualified.


    The online testing technology breaks through the previous method of detecting circuit boards with human eyes. The online testing technology has high efficiency, low miss detection rate, and realizes automation in the field of detection. The detection system adopts the idea of combining with virtual instruments, which reduces the design of hardware and reduces the cost of the entire system.


    The basic method of on-line testing of PCB board analog components and the testing methods of diodes and transistors. This detection system is suitable for the application of small and medium enterprises. Reduces the number of unqualified products entering the next process, thereby reducing the amount of rework of the product, improving production efficiency, reducing the total cost of manufacturing, and improving the profit of the enterprise. It is a widely used detection technology and is a highly efficient , High-speed, high-precision detection method.


    At present, there are many types of tests used by PCB boards in the field of automatic testing of printed circuit boards, including tests on components without components and components. , Edge test, optical test and X-ray inspection, etc. On-line testing is based on the specific characteristics of the PCB board, and selects an appropriate detection method to combine one or more processes, learn from each other, and comprehensively use them.

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