Rogers PCB

  • Fr4 Rogers 6006 Mix Stack up Multilayer PCB
Fr4 Rogers 6006 Mix Stack up Multilayer PCB

Fr4 Rogers 6006 Mix Stack up Multilayer PCB

  • Rogers 6006 pcb
  • multilayer pcb
  • fr4 pcb
  • 1.0mm thickness
  • Product description: rogers 5880 rogers 6002 duroid definition rogers 3010 rogers ptfe rogers flexible substrate rogers 4835t rogers 3003

Fr4 Rogers 6006 Mix Stack up Multilayer PCB

Basic information:

Surface finish:Gold plated

Solder mask:Green


Material:Rogers 6006 &Fr4 high frequency

Board size:12*10CM


Rogers 6006 information:

RT/duroid 6006 microwave laminates are ceramic-PTFE composites designed for electronic and microwave circuit applications requiring a high dielectric constant. RT/duroid 6006 laminate is available with a dielectric constant value of 6.15 and RT/duroid 6010LM laminate has a dielectric constant of 10.2.

RT/duroid 6006 microwave laminates feature ease of fabrication and stability in use. They have tight dielectric constant and thickness control, low moisture absorption, and good thermal mechanical stability.

RT/duroid 6006 laminates are supplied clad both sides with ¼ oz. to 2 oz./ft2 (8.5 to 70 μm) electrodeposited copper foil. Cladding with rolled copper foil is also available. Thick aluminum, brass, or copper plate on one side may be specifi ed.

Typical Applications

Space Saving Circuitry

Patch Antennas

Satellite Communications Systems

Power Amplifiers

Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems

Ground Radar Warning Systems

Key Benefits

High dielectric constant for circuit size reduction

Low loss. Ideal for operating at X-band or below

Tight εr and thickness control for repeatable circuit performance

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