Rogers PCB

  • 4 Layer Rogers 3210 Gold Plated Soft Gold Finish PCB Board
4 Layer Rogers 3210 Gold Plated Soft Gold Finish PCB Board

4 Layer Rogers 3210 Gold Plated Soft Gold Finish PCB Board

  • gold plated
  • soft gold
  • rogers 3210
  • 4 layer
  • Product description: pcb surface finish comparison pcb shelf life disadvantages of pcb enepig vs soft gold organic solderability preservative enig process steps immersion silver process hal pcb finish

4 Layer Rogers 3210 Gold Plated Soft Gold PCB Finish Board

Basic information:

Board size:7*8CM


Surface finish:Gold plated

Solder mask:No


Material:Rogers 3210


RO3203 , RO3206 and RO3210 high frequency circuit materials are ceramic- filled laminates reinforced with woven fiberglass. These materials are engineered to offer exceptional electrical performance and mechanical stability at competitive prices. The RO3200 series high frequency materials were designed as an extension of the RO3000 series high frequency circuit materials with one distinguishing characteristic - improved mechanical stability.

The dielectric constant of RO3203 high frequency circuit materials is 3.02. This, along with a dissipation factor of 0.0016, extends the useful frequency range beyond 40 GHz. The dielectric constant for RO3206 laminate is 6.15 and 10.2 for RO3210 laminate. The dissipation factor for RO3206 and RO3210 laminates is 0.0027.

Typical Applications

Automotive collision avoidance systems

Automotive global positions satellite antennas

Wireless telecommunications systems

Microstrip patch antennas for wireless communications

Direct broadcast satellites

Datalink on cable systems

Remote meter readers

Power backplanes

LMDS and wireless broadband

Base station infrastructure

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