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  • Microwave circuit board rf pcb manufacturer from China
Microwave circuit board rf pcb manufacturer from China

Microwave circuit board rf pcb manufacturer from China

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Microwave pcb Circuit Boards General information

Microwave define:

Microwaves are electromagnetic spectrum allocations by definition it refers to the wavelength range from 1m to 0.1mm electromagnetic waves, the corresponding frequencies from 0.3GHz to 3000GHz. This electromagnetic spectrum includes decimeter (frequency from 0.3GHz to 3GHz) \ centimeter wave (frequency from 3GHz to 30GHz) \ millimeter wave (frequency from 30GHz to 300GHz) and sub-millimeter wave (frequency from 300GHz to 3000GHz, some literature This paragraph does not contain the definition of microwave) four bands (including caps, excluding the lower limit). Like having light resistance, like the sound of nature, penetrating, non-ionizing, informative five characteristics.

So most of microwave field must use high frequency pcb(1GHZ),means microwave pcb must use high frequency printed circuit boards(rogers/Taconic/arlon/isola etc)

ONESEINE are professional manufacturer in HIGH FREQUENCY PCB

Generally high frequency pcb have rogers and Teflon(Taconic and f4b)

Microwave pcb information:

Base material

Rogers 4350

Board THK




Board size


Surface finish

Immersion gold

Line space


Copper THK


Line width


Microwave pcb material:

Rogers4003C: thickness(0.254 0.508、0.813、1.524)   DK 3.38

Rogers4350B: thickness(0.254 0.508、0.762、1.524)   DK 3.5

Rogers5880: thickness(0.254 0.508、0.762)   DK 2.2

Rogers3003: thickness(0.127, 0.508、0.762、1.524)   DK 3

Rogers3010: thickness(0.635)   DK 10.2

Rogers3206: thickness(0.635)   DK 10.2

Rogers3035: thickness(0.508)   DK 3.5

Rogers6010: thickness(0.635,1.27)   DK 10.2

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